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South Australia

The origin of the South Australian placename Lobethal

When the 18 German families arrived at the Onkaparinga River, where they established the settlement Lobethal, Pastor Fritzsche held an open-air service of thanksgiving on 4th May 1842. He read out the following verse from the bible, from Martin Luther's German translation of the bible:

And on the fourth day they assembled themselves in Lobethal; for there they blessed the Lord. Therefore the name of the same place was called Lobethal unto this day.

(Book 2 of Chronicles, chapter 20, verse 26. In many English translations of the bible the above verse calls the place Valley of Beracah = valley of praise = Lobethal.)

Therefore Pastor Fritzsche named the new settlement in the Mount Lofty Ranges Lobethal.

Photo: town sign in Lobethal (copyright: D Nutting)

Town sign at entrance to Lobethal

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