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South Australia

German Heritage and Memorials in Hahndorf

In Hahndorf you can spot many aspects of the heritage of the early settlers, in the architecture, in the Hahndorf-Academy Museum and on memorials.

About the Settlement of Paechtown

Memorials in the Pioneer Gardens

(Photo © D. Nutting) bust
Bust of Captain Dirk Hahn
(Photo © D. Nutting) memorial
Memorial to Captain Dirk Hahn

Captain Hahn was born and died in the village of Westerland on the North Sea island of Sylt. Initially he was not keen on doing the emigrant-voyage to South Australia, as he his one previous experience of emigrants had not been enjoyable, and that had been the relatively short journey to New York (Cuxhaven to New York, 15th September to 10th November 1836, with 140 German emigrants, Hahn's first voyage as captain of the Zebra). The settlers named Hahndorf after him.

(Photo © D. Nutting) memorial
Settlers of Main Street


(Photo © D. Nutting) advertisement
Unusual heritage?
Shop in Main St

(Photo © D. Nutting)  Musikfest
The Hahndorf Town Band continues the
musical traditions of the German immigrants.
(Photo © D. Nutting) sign
Sign in Hahndorf

You can read more about Hahndorf c/o Flinders Ranges Research.

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