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German-speakers in Australia

J.P.D. Dieseldorf warns against certain Emigration Agents (1849)

(from: Wegweiser nach Südaustralien oder Südaustralien in seiner jetzigen Gestalt. Nach eigener Anschauung während eines mehrjährigen Aufenthalts besonders für Auswanderer geschildert. Robert Kittler, Hamburg 1849.)

Justifiable accusations have however been made against some agents, that they are completely unfamiliar with the colony and its conditions, and engage in providing emigrants with information about their new homeland, information that those emigrants, upon arrival, almost always find to be incorrect and deeply disappointing to them.

One should beware of this type of agent, for in their view the only necessary qualification for an emigrant is the ability to pay the ship's passage. When will these agents desist from engaging in things of which they don't know the slightest!

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