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Deutsch-Australier durften bei den Bundeswahlen 1917 nicht abstimmen

'Private' schrieb an den British-Australasian und protestierte dagegen, dass seine Mutter nicht abstimmen durfte, weil sie deutscher Abstammung war:

Now this has hurt me very much. She has two sons fighting for the Empire, one in France (myself) and one in Palestine, her brother also was refused a vote; he had two sons also fighting, one killed in action on the Somme last year, and the other serving in the _th Battalion. More, mother was bred and born in Australia and a more loyal woman never lived. She worked hard in every respect towards assisting the troops on this side, she paid particular attention to the Red Cross, and now all her work has gone by refusing her a vote. I am really hurt that much that I can hardly explain the position to you, to think that me and my brother are away fighting for our country and she treated like that.

(British-Australasian, 7. März 1918)

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